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The new GST regime will open up an array of opportunities for businesses across India and also for those companies who are planning to enter the Indian market. On the other hand, GST may also pose various challenges with respect to business planning, budgeting and investment, as it will change many earlier assumptions regarding business and the market as a whole.

The business community in India has to adapt to the transitional tax reforms by understanding the Indian indirect taxation system with the introduction of a unified Goods and Services Tax (GST) as against the prevailing plethora of taxes (value-added tax (VAT), central sales tax (CST), service tax, customs duty, excise duty, entry tax, etc.)

Ever since its recent implementation of GST in India, complying with the GST rules and requirements is a challenge to most of the Indian companies. With the step-up audits by the Revenue Authority and the foreseeable increase in the GST rate in the upcoming years, more focus should be placed on your GST compliance.

GST Consultants in New Delhi have a GST specialist team who can provide practical and timely advice to support you in your day-to-day GST tasks as well as taking a pro-active approach in managing your GST risks.

In this evolving indirect tax scenario, GST Consultants in Delhi plan to assist organizations and businesses in bridging the gap over to GST by providing specialized services to mitigate any GST-related tax risk.

GST Consultants In Delhi Offers The Below Comprehensive Range Of Services:

  • The scope of GST related services inclusive of.
  • Providing advice on GST registration requirements.
  • Setting up of procedures for newly registered traders for GST submission.
  • Performing quarterly GST submission.
  • Attending to tax queries from comptroller of GST.
  • Rectifying errors or omission of transactions during the past GST submission.
  • Applying for registration/deregistration for GST.
  • Advising any other GST related issues.

How GST Consultants New Delhi Can Help?

Incorporation of Businesses:
  • Assess registration liability.
  • Apply for GST registration/exemption from GST registration.
  • Apply for GST group registration, GST schemes (e.g. Major Exporter Scheme, Import GST Deferment Scheme).
  • Advice on start-up issues (e.g. GST coding in system, procedure manual on GST treatment).
GST Compliance:
  • Assist with claiming of pre-registration input tax claims.
  • Review and e-filing of GST returns.
  • Perform one-off GST return review.
  • Perform GST health check reviews.
  • Assisted Self-Help Kit reviews for the application/renewal of GST schemes/voluntary disclosure of errors.
  • Offer Assisted Compliance Assurance Programme.
  • Conduct GST training.
GST Advisory:
  • Advise on GST treatment of day-to-day business transactions.
  • Advise on GST implications of new business models or cross-border transactions.
  • Perform due diligence reviews.

Benefits Of Hiring The Top GST Consultants In Delhi:

  • Get free expert consultancy from experts.
  • We available every time to solving your legal queries.
  • Get one stop solution for all legal compliances.
  • Process application within 24 Hours.
  • Trusted by Most Valuable Startups.
  • We Understand Startup Budget & their needs.
  • Get quality services at pocket price.
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