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Non-Resident Service Consultant in Delhi is a pioneer in the domain of rendering expert and affordable solutions for Non Resident Indians (NRI).

We provide complete assistance to our NRI customers on issues related to tax planning, filing of returns, investment making, etc. Our team of chartered accountant experts is widely revered for their comprehensive knowledge on every issue and solving of any query raised by the client. Is it filing an application, or any other consultantion we are highly proficient in providing the highest quality of Non Resident Services.

We Offer You A Range Of Services Which Include The Following:
  • Tax Advisory Services
  • Allotment of Permanent Account number (PAN)
  • Investment Advisory
  • Manage and maintain your accounts in India - you can be updated on a daily basis
  • Filing Income Tax/ Wealth Tax Returns
  • Comply with RBI rules and regulations
Certain Transaction, As Listed Below, Requires Mandatory Quotation Of PAN Beyond Specified Monetary Limits:
  • Filing of Tax return and for claiming refund of income tax
  • Banking transactions
  • Sale or Purchase of Motor Vehicle
  • Deposits in Post office saving accounts
  • Telephone connections
  • Payment to Hotels and restaurants against their bill exceeding Rs. 25,000/-
Following Are The Issues Looked After By Services For NRIs In Delhi:
  • Tax advisory services and filing of e-Tax returns
  • Setting up a Branch office / Liaison office / Project office in India
  • Banking and remittances
  • Investment advisory support
The NRI services are rendered to the customers in the most possible reliable manner provided under the guidance and expertise of our professionals who hold a vast experience in this domain.

Filing Return of Income:
  • The tax returns can be compiled as per the provisions of the Indian Income tax Act, basis Inputs provided by the client. The return to be prepared may include compilation of Asset and Liability account and specifically capturing all such information covered under Annual Information reports (AIR) like property transactions, credit card payments, and investments in shares, mutual funds, bonds and others.
  • After the preparation of tax return, the same is to be filed electronically or physically as per the requirement of the tax laws, with the Indian Revenue Authorities.
  • Tax Representations before tax authorities, if required, for tax refunds or any other clarifications.
  • Tax support services on regular tax matters.
Services for NRIs in Delhi have been serving various clients such as Individuals, Corporate, Limited Liability Partnerships (LLP), Partnership Firms, Trusts and other Institutions, etc.

At Non-Resident Service Consultant In Delhi We Believe In:
  • Healthy Client Relationship
  • Personalized Services
  • Commitment to Quality
  • Timeliness
  • Confidentiality
  • Professionalism
Our Mission: To be innovative in creating practical & purposeful solutions and setting standards for thereby benchmarking for excellence.

The NRI consultants in Delhi strictly adhere to and sincerely adapting to the set standards of code, ethics and professional standards.

Non-Resident Service Consultant in Delhi also offer a complete range of service from the simple task of depositing your interest to portfolio advisory services. All this is done by keeping you well informed on a daily basis through the Internet. In short, you are in control of your activities in India without having to be here. Receive statements, reports, accounts and any other information daily.

Non-Resident Service Consultant in Delhi has adequate staff strength which includes qualified professionals, articled clerks, and associates with respective sector experience.

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